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2018 Teton Hand and Upper Extremity Conference Preliminary Program

December Teton Hand and Upper Extremity Conference Program

2018 Course Materials

Please contact conference Host for Password to unlock/extract files - this applies for all course materials listed below (.ZIP and single PDFs listed below)

  1. Shoulder Posterior Shoulder Mobilization
    (PDF) ~ 82MB

  2. Biomechanical Considerations of the Shoulder
    (PDF) ~ 203MB

  3. Elbow Mobilization Techniques for HUJ PRUJ
    (PDF) ~ 47MB

  4. Concepts of Movement of the Elbow and Shoulder
    (PDF) ~ 220MB

  5. Wrist Radiocarpal Midcarpal Mobilization Techniques
    (PDF) ~ 94MB

  6. Anatomy and Physiology of Muscle Contraction and Calculation of Muscle Torque
    (PDF) ~ 94MB

  7. Open Closed Chain
    (PDF) ~ 58MB

  8. Thumb CMC and Radial Column Mobilization Techniques
    (PDF) ~ 160MB

  9. Biomechanical Considerations of the Hand
    (PDF) ~ 192MB